Fabrication Services
We are a complete Fab Shop dedicated to fabrication of
hardcore old school choppers and parts to build 'em.  If you
don't see it here,
eMail or call us and let us know what you are
looking for.  In most cases, you will have it in your hands in just
a few days!
General Fabrication Capabilities (See Sample Work  Below):
- TIG & MIG Welding                       - Plasma Cutting                     -
Tube/Rod Bending
- Metal Band Sawing (7"x12" solid capacity)  

$70/hour      ORDER
Stan's Sissy Bar -
Fabricated from
rod and plate
Craig P's Sissy Bar -
Design by customer
Popeye's Spider Web Grills - Fabricated
from Rod
Da' Fiddler's Fender - Plasma
Cut , Edged with Rod
steel (Paint by Big Ox & Tomahawk)
"...To The Bitter End" Cross - Plasma cut from 1/4"  
Stainless Steel sheet, Polished with Sand-Blasted