Bitter End - Old School Choppers, Inc.
Ordering Information:
We charge a 20% restocking fee on all returns.  In addition, all parts most be in
brand-new condition and in their original packaging.  Original product packaging
MUST be in tact - DO NOT use it as shipment packaging - ship it back in a separate
outer box so that it is in resale-able condition.  We do NOT accept unauthorized
returns.  You must call 515-265-8441 for a return authorization or your return
shipment will be rejected (sent back to you at your cost).
Note: We will NOT pay
return shipping on any returns for any reason.  
Absolutely no returns for any
reason after 30 days.

Use the shopping cart for MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and
PayPal.  Even if you don't use plastic money, the
shopping cart creates a handy-ass
order form for  mail and telephone orders. We do NOT accept COD orders.

Just call 1-877-88-BEOSC or 1-515-265-8441.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and
Discover, and American Express
.  Calls are typically accepted from 9:00am to
5:00pm CST.  Messages are returned promptly.  
We do NOT accept COD orders.

Just mail your personal check or money order to:
Bitter End - Old School Choppers, Inc.
1425 Metro East Dr. , Unit 108
Des Moines IA 50327

We can work with you!  We specialize in custom orders, special fabrications, and
anything else you might need to build your dream chop.  Just because you don't
see it on these pages, doesn't mean that we can't get it or make it for you.  Just click
here so we can talk about what you need:

Got much love for our overseas choppin' brothers.
 We welcome your orders!!!  Feel
free to load up that shopping cart and order away.  We will automatically charge
your card if shipping & handling charges* exceed the normal domestic rates.  
CANNOT do International COD orders.
 Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery as we
have absolutely no control over how long customs wants to hold onto your
Note: We will NOT pay return shipping on any returns for any reason.
* PLEASE NOTE: International shipping quotes do NOT include or cover duties, taxes,
customs fees or any other B.S. your country comes up with.  These are solely and
completely the customers responsibility to plan for and cover - NO exceptions!

We stock the majority of what we sell.  
We ship within 24 hrs of payment receipt on
in stock items (only).  

No fruggin' clue what they want other than it's something socially unacceptable?
Call or
eMail for a gift certificate in any denomination.  Comes with a free catalog,
and brochure.  What better way to spread the Bitterness?. . .  
Kustom Topsites!