Springer Parts
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Springer Parts
Strap on a pair!!!  Build ya' own springer!!!
Whether you've got a set of plans or you're just copying
the old 60's-era set you got from your hippy neighbor,
this stuff will speed up your build x 12!!!!
Buffer Springs

Special Top Tree Machining Service:
Have an old springer that has been orphaned from its top tree?
 You're not alone - we get requests often for trees to fit obsolete
springers.  Price ranges from $100-$200.  Click image below to
Base Price = $44
Axle Hole Size

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Springer Parts
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Springer Parts
7/8"-24 or 1"-24 I.D. Thread Fork Stem Nuts:

                  $17.00 - $24.00
Spring Kit:
Complete kit - includes upper and lower               $83.00/set
*Add $25 for upper buffer springs
**Add $30 for lower buffer springs
Paughco Springs:
162: 5-5/8" long x 1-1/2"        $53
162-1: 5" long x 1-1/2"            $56
163C: 3" long x 1"                      $44
163C4: 4" long x 3/4"               $44
163C2: 6-1/2" long x 1-1/8"  $44
163: 6-1/4" long x 1-7/8"        $62
163-1: 8-1/2" long x 1-7/8"    $71
163A: 6-1/4" long x 2"              $66
175: Shock                                   $132
Stem & Top Nut Kit:
Stainless Steel Rod w/Standard H-D 1"-24 tpi threads                                             
Spring Fork Rod & Bushing Set:
- Includes 12" rods and bushings   
13" Spring Rods:
Loosen up the ride on forks that have 12"
Spring Rod Stabilizer Kit:
Made of solid polished brass - Ya' jus' don't get any ol' schooler than
that!!!!    PLEASE NOTE: DOES NOT include the acorn nuts shown (order
separately if needed)
Rocker Stud Sets:
Choose from Pre-'48 Big Twin ($100) or
Paughco Style ($122)
Paughco Rockers & Bushings Sets:
- Drop forged and chrome plated.  
- Choose from 5/8" or 3/4" axle holes
Please Select

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Springer Parts
Spring Fork Conversion Kit:
- 45 type small post rear forks to be installed on BT 74              
- Includes parts shown
Select Finish Type:

Complete Spring Fork Headlight:
- Includes lens, glass reflector & assembled with 6v bulb

Spring Stock Fork Mirrors:
Original style with black finish & great for restoration

1988 FXSTS Spring Set:
Includes upper, lower and inner,
an 8 piece set.
Shock Mount Kit for Hardbody Springers.
- Bolts to springer for greater control of spring action
and smoothness of ride.
- Includes shock, brackets and hardware.
Replacement Springer Rocker Studs:
- Set of 2.  Order two of these for a complete set.
- Chrome Plated.
- Includes all hardware.
Part No.

Inline Springer Handlebar Builder's Set:
- Includes inline top clamp and bar sections pre-notched for internal
hand controls or wiring.
- Bars can be bent to any shape you choose before welding.
- Top clamp is designed for 1" O.D. fork legs with 4-3/4" between
centers inline with the neck stem.
- Fits Kiwi Indian leafers, DNA and Paughco springers, some vintage
(30's and 40's) HD springers and any custom applications with
specifications listed above.